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Our objective is to list every website which contains useful material on company law, with a brief description of each. If you are aware of any links which could be added, or if any of the links cease to work, please let us know. Email us with any comments or suggestions.

The list is divided into four categories:

UK government sites

Companies House

A very useful site providing free information about all UK registered companies and the ability to order further information on-line with payment by credit card. It also offers a forms download facility and other information about Companies House operations, company law, etc. The guidance booklets and FAQs have a wealth of useful information.

Office of Public Sector Information (formerly HMSO)

An essential source of UK law. OPSI publishes on the internet all UK legislation since 1988. The current main companies legislation, the Companies Act 2006 and all statutory instruments since 1987 are available.

For a wider selection of material see the BAILII website below.

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

Formerly the BERR, before that the DTI and once upon a time the Board of Trade, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) is a major source of information about company law reform proposals. Information about the BIS and its activities, including consultation documents on company law reform, etc. There is some useful information on the Companies Act 2006 and its implementation, but use this link because the pages are difficult to find.

Intellectual Property Office (formerly Patent and Trade Mark Office)

An extremely useful site on trade marks (as well as patents), including a free on-line trade mark search facility, and a great deal of information on trade mark law and practice.

HM Revenue & Customs

Information about taxes and procedures for corporate and individual tax returns, etc., including access to published leaflets. A variable standard of information. Some featured areas are good, but in other areas the information provided is disappointing, being terse and without easy explanation. Includes useful information on VAT.

The Insolvency Service

A very useful site on corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy. A wide range of guidance material and published leaflets available to download. Also insolvency forms, addresses, effect of Civil Procedure rules on insolvency processes, useful FAQs and information about insolvency legislation. Some irritating display features.

The Law Commision

The Law Commission's task is to review areas of law and report.

Financial Conduct Authority

The Financiak Conduct Authority is the regulatory body for financial services.

Other UK sites

The British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) provides access to the most comprehensive free and up-to-date collection of British and Irish primary legal materials on the Internet. An excellent source of legislation and case law.

Delia Venables
Delia Venables was a pioneer in providing on-line information about on-line legal information, and her site is excellent for finding links.

Pension Investment Research Consultants
Interesting site on corporate governance issues. Gives good links to other corporate governance sites.

Stock Exchange
Information on the operations of the Stock Exchange, companies listed on it, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), market statistics, news, etc.

Federation of Small Businesses
Pressure group for small businesses. Some useful comment on regulatory and tax issues.

A very useful site from the University of Kent.

Legal Technology Online
A general law website, good for links to other sites

European sites

Europa - the main EU website
Includes texts of the treaties, regulations, directives, ECJ cases, etc.

European Corporate Governance Institute
Useful European corporate governance site

Details of Gibraltar companies, registration, etc.

France (in French)
Detailed company registration information

Italy (in Italian)
Primarily a list of company information providers, though it does give the addresses of the various companies registries in Italy, and the information and documents available there.

Information on Swiss companies, available in English.

Eire Companies Registration Office
Details of company formation requirements, companies legislation, forms download, etc.

The Guidance Notes section gives quite detailed information on Jersey companies.

German Business Law
A German attorney's guide to German business law in English.

German Law Journal
Especially the article on recent developments in German company law.


International sites

The Australasian Legal Information Institute
Provides free access to Australian and New Zealand legal materials. AustLII publishes public legal information, that is, primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions of courts and tribunals); and secondary legal materials created by public bodies for purposes of public access (e.g. law reform and royal commission reports) An excellent site.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Excellent site. News on company law developments in Australia. Details of company registration procedures and costs. Company name database with search facility. Interesting section on electronic filing.

Ministry of Company Affairs Government of India
A comprehensive site giving Companies Registry annual reports, etc. details of the State companies registries, but also considerable detail on companies legislation in India including the Companies (Amendment) Act 1999 and current reform proposals.

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan

Hong Kong (Peoples Republic of China)
Quite good information on company law and registration.

Transnational Law Digest and Bibliography


The Corporate Library (USA)

Cleveland University Law Library (USA)

Cornell Law Library (USA)

Berkeley Law Library (USA)
The Corporate Library is a central repository for research, study and critical thinking about the nature of the modern global corporation, with a special focus on corporate governance and the relationship between company management, their boards and their share owners.

Good site about registration and law on Delaware corporations.

New York
Detailed information on legal questions, filing information, etc for New York registered companies.

New York Stock Exchange
Detailed site on operations of the New York Stock Exchange

Corporate Governance (USA)
Useful USA site on corporate governance issues

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