Minority protection SIs

The main statutory provisions are now in the Companies Act 2006, Part 11 (sec260 to sec269) on derivative claims and proceedings by members and Part 30 (sec994 to sec999) on protection of members against unfair prejudice.

This page contains the Statutory Instruments relating tothose Parts of the Act..

The Companies (Unfair Prejudice Applications) Proceedings Rules 2009/2469
These Rules make provision for the form, procedure for presentation, service and return of the petition to be used in connection with an application to court in England and Wales under CA 2006 sec994 or sec995 (application for order on grounds of unfair prejudice). They revoke the Companies (Unfair Prejudice Applications) Proceedings Rules 1986 (S.I. 1986/2000), subject to a transitional provision for petitions commenced before 1st October 2009.
The form of petition is set out in the Schedule.