Companies Legislation

Acts of Parliament

Companies Act 2006

This is now the governing Act for company law in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Act was brought into effect in stages up to 1st. October 2009.

The Act is very long and it is difficult to find material in it. A list of all the Parts, chapters, sections and schedules to the Act is given at the front of the Act but it runs to 59 pages. We have prepared a list of Parts and Chapters only, where you will find the part of the Act you need.

Company Directors' Disqualification Act 1986

This Act allows a court to disqualify a person from being a company director or involved in the management of a company.

Partnership Act 1890

The Act governing the 'common law' partnership

Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000

The Act that brought in the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004

The Act regulating Community Interest Companies (CICs)

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015

This Act brought in anumber of important changes, including the abolition of bearer shares, the abolition of corporate directors and the register of people with significant control.

Insolvency law

Insolvency Law, including corporate insolvency and administration, is available from the Insolvency Service website.

Statutory Instruments

Statutory instruments are Regulations, made by Parliament under the authority of an Act of Parliament. A large number have been made under the Companies Act 2006 and other legislation. We have divided them up into sections:

Old legislation

We have retained our collection of legislation that preceded the Companies Act 2006, though most of this is now obsolete. The record is not complete.