Procedures and documents: Making it easy

Making it easy for you

UK company law is complex and, despite being heralded as making things easier for small businesses, the Companies Act 2006 has made practically everything more complex and more difficult.

We really do try to make all our documents and procedures as straightforward as possible. It isn't easy, but we try to make all our documents as simple as possible, using plain English (so far as legal complexity will allow), avoiding long paragraphs, long sentences and unnecessary legal jargon. We are aware that we can improve in places and have a continuous programme of simplification of our documents. We welcome your comments about how we can improve our service.

When we send you documents and forms we always include clear indications of what has to be completed by you and where things should be signed and dated. We appreciate that, while some of our clients are very experienced in these matters, many are not. They have other areas of expertise and expect us to sort out the company law procedures for them.

Once we have provided the documents and forms some of our clients prefer to send them to Companies House themselves for registration. Others take advantage of the final stage we offer on all our services, for us to check the documents to ensure they are all completed, signed and dated correctly before sending them to Companies House for registration.

Some aspects of our company law that are nearly always involved in the procedures we offer, and which perhaps merit some comments are:

For other aspects of company law and practice, please consult our comprehensive guide to company law. This is by far the most comprehensive free source of UK company law available on the internet. For other information, contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you.